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generoGenero is a development and deployment infrastructure designed to boost developer productivity – to liberate more time for creative juices and innovation by building apps orders of magnitude faster than with traditional tools.

With Genero, apps never age – they evolve with the times. In the last 20 years Genero has enabled their customer’s apps to follow trends such as Service Oriented Architectures using Web Service, Software-as-a-Service with HTML5, and the mobile revolution with gesture-based, touch-sensitive smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android. These are Genero apps that were designed many years before these concepts appeared. Apps that run everywhere, and will continue to run everywhere for decades to come.

Genero achieves this by abstracting business logic using Business Development Language (BDL). BDL’s simple grammar contains no technology specific code to create lock-in. That way, apps define business processes that are easy to read and maintain. BDL hides complexity which is managed by the virtual machine that executes the app.

Genero allows i2GEN to provide best-in-class solutions that meet our customers’ business requirement and helps them:

  • reduce total cost of ownership;
  • reduce risk of implementation; and
  • accelerate time to market.  

And i2GEN helps its alliance partner Four Js to:

  • generate incremental revenue growth through licenses and annual customer maintenance support;
  • extend market and geographic reach; and
  • enhance their Genero applications and service offerings.

i2GEN has invested in a dedicated Genero Professional Service Center located in Chennai, India.   The center helps enhance customers’ Genero applications and invest in joint solutions with Four Js to create innovative proposal and solutions for customers.

Genero Services


i2GEN is a leader in helping Genero customers stay on the cutting edge by developing robust applications that are scalable, secure and easily maintainable.

Application Development

i2GEN’s Genero Application Development practice encompasses comprehensive services and engagement models tailored to meet our client’s changing business needs.

Application Support and Maintenance

i2GEN helps to maintain and enhance existing applications. The i2GEN team will handle maintenance and application enhancements from offshore and US locations.

Developer Outsourcing

We at i2GEN employ Genero full time developers to deploy a transformation-driven approach to build a customized Genero roadmap that helps achieve your business’s technology needs.


i2GEN measures success by how well its client can use the Genero systems and devotes considerable attention to training both of these critical audiences.

License Distribution & Renewals

i2GEN is a value added distributor for Genero in the United States, Canada and South West Asia. As a VAD, the company is committed in its endeavour to support customers and resellers with training and maintenance support on Genero as per requirements.

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