Solid Waste Authority

i2GEN migrated major applications to Genero for US government entity.

The Solid Waste Authority of Palm Beach County (SWA) is the governmental agency responsible for providing an economical and environmentally conscious Integrated Solid Waste Management System for Palm Beach County.

Informix 4GL to Genero migration.

“i2GEN turnaround time to migrate our 4GL applications to Genero far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend their services.”

– Shirley McLaren, Director – IT, SWA


Before i2GEN:


SWA had a Customer Information System (CIS) on Informix 4GL for years.  They required a migration to Genero with several enhancements to improve the functionality and time management for users. SWA faced the following challenges for many years within their Informix system:

  • Client works on normal menus.
  • Login is controlled through terminal emulation.
  • Action based on function keys and same is displayed in a separate window using “display at”.
  • Default values for fields in form.
  • Yes/No field selection in forms.
  • Screen Array displays in form.
  • Display for information.
  • Required and No entry fields.
  • Each window/form opens a separate window.
  • LOGO not currently displayed in forms.
  • Reports are directly sent to printer.
  • Specific value selection in field.

Solutions & Results

After i2GEN: Migration delivered


  • Introduction to TOPMENU in Genero and writing a new program to generate one.
  • New login program and login through Genero Desktop Client
  • New form based TOOLBARS for the function keys and solution for the “display at” statements.
  • Introduction of COMBO-BOX.
  • Introduction of RADIOBUTTON.
  • Modified to table.
  • Separate color identification.
  • Each form is shown inside the master form and not separately.
  • Display client LOGO in each form.
  • Introduction to Genero Report Writer and code change in every report program to take user option through a form for PDF, RTF, EXCEL and Printer.
  • Introduction to RADIOGROUP.

i2GEN then successfully completed the migration for SWA’s CIS three months ahead of schedule. And moving forward to migrate their rest of applications such as Central WIMS and Remote WIMS along with their users’ enhancement requirements.

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