i2GEN maintains critical applications that deliver over 45 million transactions per day

Mobitel was one of the foremost mobile service providers in Sri Lanka, beginning operations using first generation cellular technology.

Mobitel was one of the foremost mobile service providers in Sri Lanka, beginning operations using first generation cellular technology. Currently standing with a customer base of over 5 million Mobitel continued with its strategy positioned around value innovation and customer centricity, making the best out of the technology being used, distribution systems, product portfolio and value added services with heightened acumen focused on customer needs and interests.


Mobitel, the largest telecom provider in Sri Lanka was faced with a challenge to modernize its Customer Care billing application. Developed and deployed in 1993, the critical application was handling close to a staggering 45 million transaction per day and was at the core of its customer management program. Written in legacy 4GL, the company was advised to re-write the codes into Java by in-house team as well as  a known IT solutions providers, which later deployed a team of 14 odd programmers to tackle the project. For the next two years the team worked to re-write the codes in Java but failed at multiple levels. Results: even after a significant time and resource investment from the client the project was a failure, and most importantly the customer care billing application was still looking for the much needed upgrade.   


Solutions & Results

Service Delivered: Informix 4GL  to Genero Migration

Mobitel called in i2GEN to evaluate the situation. At i2GEN we understand that a customer’s core applications written in Informix-4GL, even though ageing, are too critical to be disrupted, expensive to re-write and patch work on them never serves the purpose in the long run. Our technical team, proposed a PoC to the customer to showcase the vanilla migration for 20 modules covering more than 1.5 million lines of source codes. The PoC of the targeted modules was completed within 2 weeks, much to the satisfaction of the IT team at Mobitel and i2GEN was asked to proceed with the project.

i2GEN stationed a five member technical team on-site, which worked closely with the customer day and night and completed project within a commendable time frame of 60 days! The technical team from i2GEN worked with the customer’s IT team and provided support in terms of training the team on the platform and guidance on Genero installation and configuration. Learning was fast and effortless for the customers’ development team due to their familiarity with the command lines.

The team further assisted in configuring and linking the C programs in the 4GL code for the customer;installation and configuration of Genero Application Server and GDC (Genero Desktop Client) and finally configuring the GDC on windows and linux systems.

Today, Mobitel is satisfied with the performance of its application which is running efficiently in a modernized environment. The experience is further enhanced through the ongoing support from the technical team at i2GEN; which works as the customers’ team.  

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