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i2GEN supports critical applications with in a major healthcare provider in USA

Active Day/ Senior Care adult health care centers is the largest and most trusted provider of adult care services in the United States. With over 75 locations across the country the institution offers a range of health care services to the elderly.

Genero migration, Enhancements, development and maintenance support.

“i2GEN wins respect and trust primarily through dedication and excellent delivery. They get THINGS DONE & build success for an organization like us.”

– Yogi Chhabra, Delivery Head , Active Day


At the back end of its business processes are the critical applications which ensure operations are streamlined, data management is structured, financial transaction are smoother and effectively recorded.

The codes for these applications –originally written in Informix 4GL, were later migrated into Genero 1.33. With the evolving business requirements, Active Day/Senior Care wanted to modernize the application environment and automate various processes to bring in efficiency.

Solutions & Results

i2GEN was approached with the task , and the team decided to start with a PoC, to showcase the capabilities and added features in Genero 2.32. The project with an estimated time of 300 hours was completed within 190 hours, much to the satisfaction of the decision makers at Active Day Inc. Going forward i2GEN completed the migration.

Post migration i2GEN continues to support Active Day for multiple projects big and small, going step by step to ensure all the requirements for application programming are fulfilled to the customer’s requirement working closely with the in-house Genero team on all aspects.

For example, i2GEN worked on an insurance claim form that provided an auto-populate option for ease of use for its users.

Active Day had to fill the details of their customers in an insurance claim form, which is required by the insurance companies.  The structure of the form is mandated by government guidelines.  Although the customer had all the data in the Informix database, it still involved manual activity of transferring the data to the form. Active Day tried to use third party software but it failed due to improper alignment for the entered values among various other technical issues.

i2GEN created an application for the customer using Genero, which takes the batch number and patient’s name as an input and gives the print command directly to the printer which is fed with a blank Health Insurance Claim form. The system automatically prints the correct details on the blank form with correct alignment, and the logic incorporated work effectively even if a single patient requires multiple services.  The result: minimal manual effort for filling up insurance claims for the patients. The entire process is automated and works effectively by reducing the processing time for the insurance claims.

Going forward, Active Day wants to have its critical business applications running on mobile platforms so that these can be accessed over a range of smart phones and tablets.

Today, i2GEN is working closely with Active Day’s IT team, and supporting them with Genero development, business logic changes, maintenance support since 2013.

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