Hand Crafted Articles talks about migrating the legacy applications to modern platforms; such as web, mobile and cloud.

Why should I use Web Services in my application?

If you are reading this article then probably you are looking forward to include Web Services in your application or you might have already implemented Web Services and need a perspective on your decision. To begin with readers falling in the first category might want to know what web services are and what can be […]

The Whys and Hows of Graphical User Interface

UI is user interface which acts as a language, bridging the gap between man and machine. In the terminology of computing systems, a UI allows users to command/control the programs and applications. Earlier forms of user interfaces were called command interfaces as typing commands was the only way to communicate with the computer system. With […]

Issues in maintaining legacy systems

Running and maintaining legacy applications can often be cumbersome, demanding, problematic and unrewarding in nature. Although, you’re trusted old system may have assisted your business for a long period of time, but the question is: do they still offer the same benefits especially with more agile organization taking up emerging technologies to stay competent. It […]

Why is everyone going mobile?

The days of the “Mobile is the future” are past now! Here are a few facts and stats to get you started: There are approx 6.8 billion people on the planet, out of which 5.1 billion own a phone but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush! By 2015 the number of mobile devices will be […]

Modernizing vs. Migration

Let’s consider an example of a typical Informix 4GL application suite consisting of 200 separately compiled 4GL programs 1500 4GL source-code modules 600 screens (4GL forms) 500K LOC of 4GL source code This application provides data maintenance and data entry functionality for an enterprise. Converting the original application to another technology, say Java or C# […]

Evaluating a modernization project

In the ever-changing and continuously evolving world of technology, many IT investments fail to deliver the value they promised, as technological features which were considered “nice to have” become a “must have” within a short span of time. Legacy and mainframe systems that have been serving organizations for years may no longer support future growth. […]

Enabling Technology Transition

Technology ecosystem is known to be accommodative – New tech and old tech co-exists within an ecosystem unless there has been an external drive such that it impacts the very nature of its existence. It is an industry phenomenon and given that technology is here to serve – it is imperative for consolidators, integrators, solution […]

Migration & Automation Legacy – Jitters & Night terrors

IT managers tasked with technology deployment face a formidable opposition when dealing with legacy data. Corporations have survived and whirled past every new technology that seems tempting – given the sheer adaptability of the new tech in the making. However the sheer volume of legacy data often and always acts as the “deterrent” and the […]

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