i2GEN is an Informix-4GL to Genero professional services company that helps customers reduce the time and cost of migrating their legacy applications to modern platforms; such as web, mobile and cloud.

One of the most extensive Genero/Informix end to end service offerings in the market

i2GEN, a World leader in Genero/Informix transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive Genero portfolios of end-to-end service offerings in the market: Offshore migration & development center, consulting, systems integration, software development, infrastructure management and migration services.

i2GEN is trusted by leading private and public-sector organisations to deliver successful transformation programmes that address their most complex and critical business challenges. Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, i2GEN enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology.

i2GEN is a reference to Informix 4GL to Genero migrations; our strength. Innovations to Gain Enhanced Networks is our tagline, where we go beyond the standard migrations and implement enhancements within your Genero domain. We believe that the name “i2GEN” will clearly define the services we provide in this market for our current and future customers.

Soon after migrating into Genero, Innovations to Gain Enhanced Networks – i2GEN, will put real time innovations into application enhancements and developments to give top quality user experiences.

Our team believes that Trust, Transparency and Flexibility drive us to step into our customer’s business reality; guaranteeing outcomes with great enthusiasm.

While we take pride in every detail to construct robust contracts with clients, we realize that only a “Relationship Beyond the Contract” will provide the highest level of support no matter what the needs of our customers may be.

“i2GEN has its offshore delivery center in Chennai, India, although developers work on-site too to ensure end-to-end support for critical applications. i2GEN has also developed its own APIs that can be customized to each customer’s needs and ensure swift and effective deployments”

– Bryn Jenkins, COO , Four JS

Work we do

i2GEN is an Informix-4GL and Genero services company with robust expertise in Genero modernization, application development, Informix-4GL development as well as training and support services.

Our key focus is to deliver the highest level of service to our customers. We do this by accelerating and simplifying the process of bringing legacy applications forward to modern platforms; such as web, mobile and cloud.

“We are extremely pleased with the results already achieved using Genero 2.50 and our team continues to work with i2GEN to leverage their capabilities on the domain”

– Greg Nesbitt, Engineering Manager , FDBS

Why are we different

Innovations to Gain Enhanced Networks (“i2GEN”) is where a new horizon of technological possibilities become reality for Informix & Genero customers.

i2GEN is an agile service provider that delivers innovations with efficiency, integrity and operational excellence. These core principles thereby add value to the customers’ end users while also increasing the benefits of its Informix and Genero domains.

We are helping our customers bridge the gaps to find the best enhancements for what the legacy application demands are for today’s users. That’s why we built innovation libraries that add extra value to Genero applications such as Web-Authentication, ISQL forms and ACE reports, image processing, document management, GDC to GDW and multiple windows Management, etc.

“i2GEN’s value addition is a great offering for our customers across the globe. Genero professional services was missing from the market until now and I am very confident that these services will be in demand. We are now ready to support our customers on another level”

– Joe Golden, VP Sales , Four Js USA & Canada


Relationships beyond the Contract

At i2GEN, our approach to engagements is best described by the word ‘relationship’. Because every relationship - be it between family members, friends, colleagues, or clients and vendors - operates based on a contract, whether written or unwritten. But beautiful relationships, like the ones captured below, benefit both parties and are sustained by emotions, behavior and actions that go beyond the explicit or implied contract.


Technology Partners

Since our inception, our alliance with Four Js has played a critical role in our determination to provide Genero professional services worldwide. Four Js continues to endorse i2GEN across industry verticals by informing their customers that we are a Genero technology vendor and a niche solution provider.

Four Js Development has signed Texas based i2GEN, LLC (formerly known as Zeuron Systems, LLC) as a global professional services provider and has also granted value added distribution rights for the US, Canada and South West Asian regions.

i2GEN has strong knowledge of Informix 4GL and Genero with domain expertise in applications development, modernization, consulting, training and technical support services. i2GEN has completed many successful modernization projects across the globe where Genero played a leading role”, said Bryn Jenkins, COO, Four Js.

“This partnership with Four Js further strengthens commercial and technical ties between the two companies and sends a strong message to our customer base. We look forward to supporting them to the best of our ability”, said Jogeswar Mallick, President, i2GEN

i2GEN is an IBM business partner and certified service provider specializing in Informix databases, Standard Engine, Informix 4GL application developments & maintenances, training and support services.

In addition we can help bring to bear the resources of IBM to effectively assist with proof to technology, proof of concept and product adoption.

i2GEN can help you optimize your investment in Informix licensing, optimize or upgrade your existing installations as well as train and migrate to Informix from other database technology.

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